Contemplating on the very fact that I was here and yes, I was on a wild ride to greens. Greens? What’s that? In the last six months I have gone through a makeover, mentally, and the outlook is suddenly changed. Still I’™m really confused as mind keeps on musing on a thought like a million dollar idea or a great business career or even scuba diving in the corals of Lakshwadeep. And I can know people reading this have been gone through this phase of life. These musings are proper elaborated in my earlier post, please read if missed 😉

   Now the greens… What is Green’s? The greens I define here is what I do not have. Listing is endless. But truly, every human being on this earth is surviving on the hay and yet he can see the greens on the other side. After my initial busy days at Satyam, I got myself time and my mind was out to wander. I started to blog and then it became a necessity. But then the era was over, and I was onto a project. The project demanded to learn new things on the functional side of the world. This was just enough to embark my thought process and to divulge into a time machine and see myself on the other side of my project interviewer’s desk. I stared off with a bang, like all theories start with a bang. SQL and PLSQL were the languages I spoke and words like ‘€˜explain plan’, ‘€˜trace files’€™ and ‘€˜performance’€™ were haunting the empty chambers of my now not idle brain. Losing on the bond from my life I went so into the code, as I always get lost, I forgot that I have to be brisk to get ahead of the race. And there I was, at the end of my first release (project release) with my code ready to be deployed. Applause! Applause! Applause! I really got those when I executed all my work in a true professional style. But it was so good to find out that every motorcade always starts with a bang and ends on a sacrifice. And that was the end of my happy moments and suddenly it seemed so creepy to enter my cubicle and log on to a system with the myriad of problems (wtf, I want 2GB’s of RAM). And my TL’™s wish-list was full of demands from a young and an explosive persona like me. I was feeling great on people having conviction on me. But suddenly I was feeling much comfortable on bench. The bench now seemed to be greener than anything else I could imagine of. My project is one of the biggest in Satyam and also most Indian IT companies survive because of my project client. These international clients follow a thumb rule of not allowing any Indian IT company to have a whole and sole responsibility of a particular module, leave alone a project. So in its multi-vendor concept injustice is bound to occur and thus the grasses seem so lush green on the other side that we forget to evolve on the hay we get. That’s really true and people like me (99% of intellectual people messed up in Indian IT companies) start getting anxious.

   Embarking on a complete new journey, my brain waves started inducing noise into my present and my dreams. No dollar dreams yet! The noise got into me so much that I lost self reliance. At Some points of time an iPod Touch will suffice my needs or at some times even a pent house on Marine drive seems to be like at hands reach. Here, you guys will be confused as of where I’m heading to. I too am confused with the same. But, finally I left behind the affliction and now it seems that this is life. Nothing is going to come in future and nothing is what I have to wait for. This very moment is the moment of my life and each and every phase of my life is a phase (good or bad) and I have to go through it. Now it seems, there is nothing like after some years my life will be great and I will be more happy, but rather It will be more sad and with more problems to tackle. Thus Looking beyond the horizons we miss the true spirit and fun of life. But still, it seems, “œThe grass is always greener on the other side” 😉

    Got to go now, as I have to plan for my MBA in Finance or an Oracle Certified consultant in Financials. See! Here I go again…


I actually came across this rather true, yet contemplating. Oh well just thought that I’d share it with you guys. By the way, this was actually ripped off from multiply, and if you’ve already come across it, don’t bother going any lower.

…Its really hard
They call it the “Quarter-Life Crisis.” It is when you
stop going along with the crowd and start realizing
that there are many things about yourself that you
didn’t know and may not like. You start feeling
insecure and wonder where you will be in a year or
two, but then get scared because you barely know where
you are now.
You start realizing that people are selfish and that
maybe, those friends that you thought were so close to
aren’t exactly the greatest people you have ever met,
and the people you have lost touch with are some of
the most important ones. What you don’t recognize is
that they are realizing that too, and aren’t really
cold, catty, mean, or insincere but that they are as
confused as you.  
You look at your job…and it is not even close to
what you thought you would be doing, or maybe you are
looking for a job and realizing that you are going to
have to start at the bottom and that scares you. Your
opinions have gotten stronger. You see what others are
doing and find yourself judging more than usual
because suddenly you realize that you have certain
boundaries in your life and are constantly adding
things to your list of what is acceptable and what
isn’t. One minute, you are insecure and then the next,
You laugh and cry with the greatest force of your
life. You feel alone and scared and confused.
Suddenly, change is the enemy and you try and cling on
to the past with dear life, but soon realize that the
past is drifting further and further away, and there
is nothing to do but stay where you are or move

You get your heart broken and wonder how someone you
loved could do such damage to you. Or you lay in bed
and wonder why you can’t meet anyone decent enough
that you want to get to know better. Or maybe you love
someone but love someone else too and cannot figure
out why you are doing this because you know that you
aren’t a bad person. One night stands and random hookups start to look
IDIOT STARTS TO LOOK PATHETIC. You go through the same
emotions and questions over and over, and talk with your friends

about the same topics because you cannot seem to make
a decision. You worry about loans, money, and the
future and making a life for yourself…and while
winning the race would be great, right now you’d just
like to be a contender!
What you may not realize is that everyone reading this
relates to it. We are in our best of times and worst
of times, trying as hard as we can to figure this
whole thing out.

No Hard Feelings…

Hey guys, I m really sorry if i hurt any feelings out here but m jus trying different means to make u all smile. Coz my friend, a person who keeps smilin can become a pauper, a person who laughs can become a prince and a persona who can laugh on himself can become the king. Bein a gujarati, i enjoy jokes on the gujju community and i myself crack one of those among my friends. I have observed, ppl seem to enjoy tht. Why not?? We enjoy sardar jokes,  but do we think tht we hurt them? Nope, its jus one’s perspective towards life! Some get hurt, but some enjoy as i do. But they live with the truth tht even, Khuswant Singh is a sardar!!!

So guys keep smiling and keep rocking this place…

Thanks and Regards (No regrets)

Jeeten Sheth Innocent

Some day on my way home from work, two white skinners workin at Satyam, were discussing abt Indian lifestyles. I was overhearing their discussion. Some where they stuck up in food, and I heard something called as “Rice Bread and Coconut Sauce”. I was clueless until next morning I sat on the dining table with the same ol Idli Chutney. I smirked at the plate full of Idli’s in my hand. Now I knew wat those firangi’s wer talking abt. Its kinda funny to hear something like this for Indian food.

The food scene at Hyderabad is really different. People here can eat rice with almost anything. From sambar to rasam and curd to bananas everything tastes fine wid rice. During some of the early days at Hyderabad, I n my new roomie’s Kiran and Saurabh left our place in search of some easily edible home made food. Me and Kiran got thru our way and Saurabh was left behind at the Phone booth. So I and Kiran landed at a place wer we thot we could get some thali sorta thing. It was a typical south Indian tiffin room a.k.a. Bhojnalay, Amrutatulya. They say tht – Tiffin Room! Eh… The place was lookin good and some ppl out there wer waitin for their meals a.k.a. Thali. And ya they call it meals. We both ordered a meal each. On the back of our mind, we wer having a fear tht they might come up with banana leaves and we have to have the supper in a true southie style. But they came up wid stainless steel thalis. Each thali had some 9 bowls. Even I cant recollect wat each of them held. But u can picture tht out, some 3 to 4 Curries, other 2-3 Sambar/Rasam types and the rest of dem had curd and Bisabelle bhat a.k.a Curd Rice. Curd rice?? C’mon I have it wen my stomach is upset. Then they came up wid a banana for everyone. Some sorta sweet wid the MEAL!! Accepted. Mice wer eatin up the intestines and our stomach wer makin audible noises. Me and Kiran wer hopin for tht servant come out fast with a plate full of Roti’s. Finally the wait was over. The servant came out wid a big aluminum tub. We both anticipated those to be Chapatis. To our shock he came and was patting away rice in all the plates. Patting in the sense, wat construction workers use to do with wet cement. I and Kiran both wer clueless. I thot I shud ask the person to serve us roti’s, as he didn’t knew tht we ppl have roti’s into our staple diet. But the owner of tht tiffin room denied by sayin tht rotis are served only at night. We wer not a having a clue abt wat to do next. We sat there idle for a moment observing other truly fanatic rice lovers. A man beside me emptied all the 8 bowls into the rice. Then he pealed off the banana and mashed it into the rice which was by then lookin like the food served at the relief camps. He then made balls and munched them away wid all his glory, lickin and suckin all the five fingers. By the time we managed to start the supper, he already ordered for more rice. We could hardly imagine eatin the quantity he jus ate. I managed to mix some curd into the rice… I was already feelin sick! Then some sambar, and finally I managed to eat the rice served to me. Kiran, a regular non-veg eater was in a shock for the moment coz he was even not able to find some vegetables in the served items. All he found was some bottle gourd in the sambar. Finally to get the taste out I pealed the banana and ate it happily.

I still remember tht lunch and the faces which Kiran made while gulping rice meal. Saurabh, a lucky chap! By the time he reached the tiffin room we were moving out. Lookin at the pale faces of ours, he put a wide, wild smile on his face and quickly decided to get back to good ol’ Ravur tiffins for the lunch. Tht afternoon we spent cursing and abusing tht tiffin room and then the local food and then Hyderabad and then …

Escaping Accident!

Hoossshh… Jus escaped an accident. Hyderabad is a city of nerd’s, don’t mind, but seriously I jus missed a serious mishap! Da 2nd accident of my life. The first 1 I had was wen I participated in my college’s cultural festival game named, ‘Treasure Quest’. The game was simple, 15 clues, 50 Kilometres, 5000 Bucks…

I happened in around in Feb ’06. Me n one of my friend wer on her bike (Honda Dio). We set off gr8 frm the college. Our 1st Clue was some famous singer and off we headed to KK Market which was next to the place I lived in Pune for two years. Tht was pretty in time. The next clue – ‘PAGAN’, I’d never heard tht word (Something related to Dan Brown’s – Da Vinci Code). So there we wer, clueless, completely. Tried to call all my friends who happened to be reading tht book. Sunday morning, nice one to wake dem up. But didn’t help. Final resort, my roommate Ritesh’s aka Sukha, (had jus completed reading it, and even heard a lot abt the novel from him). He was jus blank wen he heard PAGAN. No wonder, thts y KT’s rule his results. Here comes the Question paper, here goes his memory! Though, finally we got help! Thanks 2 the girl company. Some guys frm our college stopped us frm goin the wrong way and told us the point. It was ‘Pentagon’ near Panchami Hotel on Satara Road. (PAGAN was some symbol with a Pentagonal shape). Though we wer late, we headed off very fast to the next one. It was a symbol showing an elephant + bag + Ganpati. Again, Clueless! My partner’s mom came to the rescue. Pat came her reply after listenin to the clue, ‘Hatti Baag Ganapati’. Tht was a Ganpati temple near Hatti Baug in Heart of Pune. Off we headed to the fourth clue, I don’t remember tht one, but was near some college. Nice, but we both didn’t knew the route. And after finally managing the resources, the roadmap was here. Zoom I went and Thud I heard. Both of us lyin on da street. (the dumb biker, who hit us, was actually much worried abt his bike tht he forgot us, forgot himself and was parking his bike at a safer place). We both managed to sit on the footpath. I was shiverin wid the painin my right leg. The bike was torn apart. Though it wasn’t mine! She was fine then, nd we headed to a hospital. Her mom joined us and thank god tht I was not havin a fracture. God, I fear them! So tht was da sad story. And ya kno, we even missed our refreshments tht wer to be served to all those who reached the final destination.

The next few days at college wer really painful. All my fren’s cursed me, coz I jus left tht guy to go away though it was his mistake. He broke the signal n was runnin at abt 60-70 kmph. Trust me, I sware! He was da culprit. So I had decided to take da revenge wen anything remotely like an accident happens to me. So a few days back, wen was crossin the busiest street of Hyd, (SP Road) I jus missed a big one. Night time, dark outside, pool of head lamps racing towards me. Thts everyday scenario, coz the roads don’t have any speed breakers for abt 5 kms straight and even corners are jus simply not at walkable distance. (I was in pune (on bikes) for 3 yrs, so plz don’t expect me to walk round da corners). So as usual, one fine evening I was there again crossin the road. I jus missed my eye on the approaching biker and there I was thrown on the roads. A mad telugu guy has jus strucked a smart gujarati guy, tht too the gujju guy is frm Bombay. How dare he??? So, ponderin on the old mishap, I stood up in no time an started yellin on tht guy like a true mumbaiite. We had a nice heated up conversation for about 10 mins and den we departed. This time too it was not my mistake. Trust me! Coz, even the roadside guys wer helping me out. The pain caused was less, but I enjoyed. Finally, I got my anger out. Now I don’t wanna hav ne more accidents. I hav already showered my aggregate anger. He he…

College Days…

Gone are those days, but I still cherish dem all. Nice wer the momemts tht I spent at Pune, last 2 days. Each and everything I saw was runnin thru my mind. Its overall a very nice feelin. Ol friend’s o mine, da smile on deir faces, eyes lit up and da eyebrows raised – ha ha, no such thing happened wid dem!!! So emotionless… Shiftin bases to Pune from Mumbai was tough 4 me. The fast life, my family, gr8 fren’s, home cooked food and much. I missed them all @ Pune. New hopes and new horizons wer lightened up. Future beholded! Need to adjust, was my mantra. But 3 years @ Pun ewer like a breeze 4 me. All happened so smooth tht I’ll still love to go back to those college days @ Pune.

Ya, studying was a tad borin, but tht was also attended wid grace and my full vigilance. 4 hours of super entertainin lectures and 2 hours of playin wid devices in practicals. Socializing, Sports, Culture, Couture, ^$%^# everything was part of da college life @ VIT. The daily chores tht I did at my rented bunglow (only for 2nd year), huh, tiring! Three of us, discussed abt each and every thing tht we did at college. Washin clothes was hectic, though never attempted except once wen I used 500 litres to wash my towel. Thanks to water outage or else I shall continue. Da rest 2 yrs wer spent at a rented apartment and tht was jus rockin. Six of us, thts it! Nothin’s in der! Playin cricket, cleanin rooms, breakin glasses, fighting wid roommates, birthday bumps, shoutin bad words, playin music at max volume, all was done der.

These 2 days @ Pune, meetin up ol fren’s, visitin college and my fren’s at tht rented apartment was gr8 feelin in all. Biking in pune was rockin. Thanks 2 it, tht I’m darker than ever. But each and every place leaves its aura behind and a small remembrance of things I’ve done earlier. Life was rockin! But, hey Satyam and Hyderabad rocks too! Adventures wer a part of nightlife at Pune. Bikin in da outskirts of Pune was a routine. Long hairs, dark complexion, unshaved look, all was the flavour of da season. I still cherish those memories and really miss those days. But, the flame inside me is burnin ( funny naa?) and new things r now embraced wid grace and now my life @ Satyam is rockin. 😉


I’m back!Somethin’s very interestin here???Nah, actually bein a IT service men u need to blog!!! U shud be active online. Thts wat is promoted at satyam! Satyam even has its own blog and encourages
its employees to blog fully upto their hearts (Currently accessible to internal public only but soon will be available on web). So gr8 r employees of satyam
tht they open up their hearts, they really speak their soul. Ya they speak truth! U kno, the grass is always greener on da other side? Thts normal! In satyam
freshers are treated as Horses. No wonder its same all over. But the difference here is we eat Hay while wearin green glasses. Ya ths da truth. Dont expect
much is da mantra to work happily in Satyam. Satyam blog is fulla anti-organisation.Freshers r not given ne accomodation wen joinin Satyam, even the joinin location and date is not fixed till da 11th hour, leave aside da accomodation. In
hyderabad, da only homage for Satyamites is Paigah Colony. Paigah Colony, Near Hyderabad International Airport, Full of Satyamites AKA Satyam Colony. Its a
nice place, every 5 mins an airplane takes-off or lands-in leavin behind our cellphone networks in woes. The colony houses abt 250 bunglows each of an
average 2 stories. Ground floor is generally occupied by the said Land-Lords (Again Gujarati’s) and the upper floors are given to us (satyamites). We call
dem PG’s (Paying Guests). The life of a fresh joinee is miserable. Ya, he/she need to survive eatin idli’s/dosa’s/rice varieties only, till dey can find some
good place to tear off roti’s. A place called Ravur Tiffins is da only 1 place in tht colony who offers north indian food. Neways, the colony is crowded in
such a way (by satyamites) tht if u throw a stone in air, u can guarantee tht it will land on a satyamite! Now think abt weekends, nice feelin naa? Nope!!!
In paigah colony its even worse. U only see satyamites whose stupid faces linger around u for atleast 5 days of da week. Feels like u’re a Zoo-Keeper!!Neways, but thts life! We enjoy tht site of air-planes landin and takin-off, love tht whistlin noise oF airplanes (habituated), love eatin hot idli’s and
pesarettu (a kind of dosa), Lingerin with the same ppl in da weekends too and finally cursin Satyam to watever it does to us, whether its good or bad.Life rocks at Paigah n thts only coz of Satyam! So eventually if u can rock-da-party, everythin rocks @ Satyam!!!